A range is an appliance that people buy only a few times in their life as they’re expected to work fine for many, many years. Unfortunately, not all electric ranges currently on sale are built to last for years. In fact, most of them are just not good enough for you. This makes the job of finding the best electric range pretty difficult. 

The worst thing is that there’s no measurement that can be used for determining the durability of an electric range. But, don’t think that everything is up to chance! There is a way to separate wheat from chaff!

We’re talking about sticking to the reputable brands. If a manufacturer has been in the business for years, the chances are that their products are actually very good. Two American electric range manufacturers with an impeccable reputation are Whirlpool and Frigidaire. So, if you buy one of their products, it’s likely that it will serve you well for ages.

But, if you want the very best, the next part of the article is what you should pay special attention to. We’re now going to make a little Whirlpool vs Frigidaire electric range comparison in order to see which brand makes better products.


The fact that it’s partnered with NASA shows just how amazing this company is. Founded more than a century ago, Whirlpool is an American manufacturer whose products include all kinds of home appliances, including electric ranges.


The company claims to have invented the 30" electric range almost a whole century ago. Frigidaire has always been one of the pioneers in the manufacture of home appliances. Even today their products are packed with innovative features that make the users love them. 

Now it’s time to compare two flagship electric ranges of these two brands!

Whirlpool WEE760H0DH Ice Collection

Slide-In Electric Range with Rapid Oven Preheat


  • Slide-in range
  • White ice body color 
  • Black smoothtop
  • 5 radiant elements
  • One double-burner 
  • 6.2 cubic feet oven
  • Convection fan
  • Rapid preheat

Frigidaire FGEF4085TS Gallery Series

40” Freestanding Range with All Kinds of Useful Features


  • 5-element smoothtop
  • One triple-burner
  • Bridge element
  • Keep Warm element 
  • 6.4 cubic feet oven
  • Self-cleaning oven 
  • Quick self-clean option (2 hours)

Whirlpool vs Frigidaire Electric Range – Final Verdict

Both ranges are made by reputable American manufacturers famous for the quality and durability of their products. This means that whichever you choose, it’s gonna be your humble servant in the kitchen for many years or even decades.

When it comes to performances, both of the electric ranges are really superb. But, when it comes to the features that can make cooking fun and easy, Frigidaire FGEF4085TS is a clear winner. This range is packed with modes and options that will take care of all kinds of difficult tasks (e.g. multi-dish cooking or oven-cleaning). 

The bad news is that the Frigidaire range is more expensive than its Whirlpool-made counterpart. But then again, you’re not buying a new electric range every day, so it’s definitely wise to invest a bit more money in a product that will make your job in the kitchen much easier.

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