If you’re currently in the hunt for a quality electric range, you have probably noticed that they can have different types of cooktops. Most electric ranges these days come with a smooth cooktop, but there are some models with coil burners.

If you’re not sure which type is better, you’re at the right place! We’re now gonna show you all the differences between these two types of cooktops, as well as their pros and cons. Let’s start by discussing the ranges with a smooth top.

Pros & Cons of Smooth Top Ranges

The fact that the cooktop is smooth not only means that it looks awesome, but it also ensures a really great heat conductivity. The heat from the metal coils below the glass surface moves upwards, making the cookware hot really quickly. Speaking of cooking speed, some ranges use induction technology, which cuts down the cooking time even further.

Furthermore, many smooth top ranges feature several radiant elements of different power ratings, usually with different sizes as well. And some even come with double or triple-burners, which are elements whose diameter you can change. 

A good example of an electric range with an amazing smooth top cooktop is GE Profile PS960SLSS. On its smooth cooktop, it has a double-burner, triple-burner, a Keep Warm element, and a bridge element connecting two round burners.

Other smooth top ranges that you should give a closer look, include the following:

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How Coil Burners Work?

Coil burners have been in use for decades, long before flat cooktops came into existence. The main reason why coil burner cooktops are still very popular is that they’re much cheaper than their smooth top counterparts. In fact, you can find some ranges with coil burners for a price of only a few hundred dollars. GE JBS30RKSS is a very good example.

Unfortunately, there is a reason why coil ranges are cheap – they’re just not as good as smoothtops. First of all, smoothtop elements are usually much, much faster at heating-up. They’re also better at cooling down – If you’re using a coil burner you can burn yourself even few minutes after switching it off.

Then there’s the issue of cleaning. If you spill some food on the coil burners it will find its way down, where it will be impossible to reach it. But, there’s one good thing about this design – you will be able to use any kind of cookware on it, without any fear of damaging the cooktop. That’s not the case with smoothtops, which can end up with scratches if you use old or poor-quality cookware.

So, if you wanna save a few bucks but still get yourself a good coil range, which product should you go for? Well, here are a couple of suggestions:

If you would like to learn more about how to find a good coil range, make sure to browse through our site and take a look at the coil stoves we reviewed.  

Smooth Top vs Coil Range: Pros & Cons of Each Type

The most positive thing about buying a coil range is that you’re gonna save a lot of your money. The fact is that these kinds of ranges are usually much cheaper than their smooth top counterparts. However, when it comes to the performances, smoothtops win that battle.

Of course, if you buy a high-quality coil range, you might not even spot the difference. If such range has burners with decent power ratings, you will be able to cook your meals quickly and easily. However, you will struggle more when the time comes to clean them. It’s just that their design is such that if you spill something, you won’t be able to reach it easily.

That won’t bother you if you get yourself a range with a smooth top. If a food spillage happens, all you got to do is wipe it with a cloth. Another reason why electric range coil vs smooth top duel is won by the latter one is that smoothtops usually come with more features that can make cooking easy.

For example, you won’t find coil ranges with double-burners, that is, radiating elements whose diameter you can change. There also won’t be Keep Warm zone, which you could use to keep your food warm until you’re hungry enough to eat it.

At this point, you’re probably wondering are there any things in which coil ranges are better than smoothtops. Well, there are a few, starting with their price, which is significantly lower. Coil ranges are also usually sturdier in a sense that you can’t damage them by using faulty cookware. In the case of smoothtops, bad cookware could scratch or break the glass panel.

Electric Stove Flat Top vs Coil: Final Verdict

Obviously, we got to give our vote to the flat top ranges. Not only do they look better, but their performances are also much better than those of the old-fashioned coil burner ranges. Furthermore, they’re also better when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. If you spill something, you just need to wipe it.

Unfortunately, ranges with smooth cooktops are usually several times more expensive than their coil counterparts. But, we do believe that getting such an electric range would be a good investment. After all, it’s not like you’re buying a new electric range every day, so you can surely invest a bit more money in buying a really good product!

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