The first thing that attracts people to smooth top electric ranges is their appeal. They really look out-of-this world, giving away an aura of luxury. But, despite looking exquisite, these days, ranges with flat cooktops aren’t too expensive. In fact, there really isn’t a big difference in the price of smooth top and inductive cooktop ranges.

But, what about their performances? Is a smooth top electric stove going to provide you with the cooking performances you deserve? Sure, it will! Their design makes them more efficient, as the heat they produce travels upwards, rather than dispersing on the side. This way, only the heating element gets hot, not the entire cooktop. 

Apart from making it more efficient and much faster at heating-up, this design also makes smooth top ranges easier to clean. If food gets spilled from the pot, it will land on the part of the cooktop that’s cool, so it won’t get burnt and end up stuck on the surface. This means that you will have absolutely no problems cleaning it. 

If you’re still not convinced that getting a smooth top electric range for your kitchen is the right thing to do, you should also know that these ranges can work well with all types of cookware. We’re not talking only about the materials, but the size and design of the cookware items as well. 

Flat cooktops usually have several burners of different sizes and different power ratings, making them ideal for multitasking. Furthermore, thanks to the fact that the cooktop is flat, you can easily move the pots from one burner to another. 

Now that you’ve learned about all the advantages of smooth top electric stoves, you’re probably wondering which one you should get. To help you out, we’re now gonna show you a couple of smooth top electric range reviews that describe the products we believe are the best.

Our Picks for the Best Smooth Top Electric Range

Stove is an appliance that you don’t need to buy too often. In fact, for most people, this is something that’s done only once or twice in the lifetime. Because of that, it’s very important to get the very best smooth top electric range the current market has to offer. 

Here are a couple of models which we think stand out with their quality and performances!

​Kenmore Elite 96043

Probably the Best Smooth Top Stove You Can Find in 2019

Everything about this smooth top electric range seems great, starting from the fact that its price is pretty reasonable. Not only is it relatively cheap considering its specs, but delivery and hookup are included in the price. 

Of course, all of that wouldn’t matter much if this electric range wasn’t great in terms of performances. Just take a look at some of its features and you’ll understand what we’re talking about!

Features of Kenmore Elite 96043

  • Ceramic glass cooktop – The smooth top cooktop has five burners, which you must agree is a pretty decent number. But, on top of that, you can adjust the size of the two of those elements. The one on the left side lets you pick from 6 and 9 inches, while the element on the right is a triple-burner that allows you to choose its size from 6, 9, and 12 inches in diameter.
  • Fast boil element – The double element actually has the power of 3,200 watts, which makes it capable of bringing water to boil in about a minute.
  • Large oven – Even if the main reason why you’re interested in this electric range is its impressive smooth top cooktop, you still need to know that Kenmore Elite 96043 also has a superb oven. It has two compartments that can be used independently if you need to cook different meals. But, if you want to cook a large meal, you can use them together. In that case, the oven’s volume is 6.7 cubic feet.
  • A number of additional features – This range comes with all kinds of options that can make cooking really easy for you. For example, there’s a fast-broil function that removes the need of preheating the oven. There’s also a convection fan in the oven, among many other features.


  • Five cooktop elements – There are five burners on the smooth top cooktop, two of which have adjustable size.
  • Impressive performances of burners – Burners are very powerful and can bring water to boil in a matter of minutes.
  • Large double-oven – This kind of oven gives you so many cooking opportunities. You can make several small dishes at the same time, or cook one that’s really big.


  • Control panel placement – The controls are positioned right above the backsplash feature, meaning that if there are big pots and pans on the cooktop, you will find it hard to reach it.


A 5-Element Smooth Top Range with Heat Bridge and a Triple-Burner  

Made by one of the most reputable American brands, GE PB960SJSS is a smooth top electric stove that really deserves your attention. First of all, it looks nice and with its black design, it’s guaranteed to look awesome in your kitchen. Of course, the main reason why it has a place among our smooth top electric range reviews is that its performances are really amazing.

Features of GE PB960SJSS

  • 5-element smoothtop – The smooth cooktop of this range has a total of five elements, two of which have adjustable diameter. One is a double-burner, the other is a triple-burner. On top of everything, there’s also a heat bridge on the cooktop, which connects the two elements on the left, making it ideal solution for long and narrow cookware.
  • Power boil – One burner has the power of 3,600 watts, so it can bring water to boil really quickly.
  • Double-oven – There are two compartments that can be used separately or together. If you’re using them as one oven, the total volume is 6.6 cubic feet.


  • Adjustable burners – Two of the burners have adjustable sizes, plus there’s a heat bridge that connects two elements.
  • Double-oven – You can cook two meals at once in separate oven compartments. Or, use them together and make a really big dish.


  • Control position – Backsplash controls might not be too convenient.


We’re sure that after reading our smooth top electric range reviews you will be able to make the right choice. The two ranges described above really do stand out from the crowd, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t many others that deserve your attention. Some of the ranges you should take a closer look at include Kenmore Elite 96047 and GE JBS10DFWW.

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