If you have a small kitchen you simply won’t be able to fit in a large electric range. But, worry not, because there’s a very simple solution. You can get yourself a small electric stove! 

Actually, buying a small stove is a great idea even for those who have enough space in their kitchen for even much larger appliances. A good stove will provide you with amazing cooking performances, without wrecking your budget. 

On top of that, some of these stoves come with features that will make your job in the kitchen much easier. 

Another good idea would be to buy a small electric stove with oven, as it will bring more cooking opportunities. Such an appliance will allow you to make dishes by frying, baking, sautéing, broiling, roasting, grilling, and so on.

Now that we’ve established that buying a small electric stove would be a wise decision, it’s time to see which model you should go with. To help you with finding the ideal product, we’re now gonna give you a couple of suggestions in the form of small electric stove reviews!

We picked out some of the best small electric stoves this market has to offer. Yours is just to go through these reviews and decide which stove best matches your needs and preferences. One thing is certain, if you buy one of these, you won’t make a bad decision!

​Danby DER200B

Small 20” Electric Range with a 2.4 cu. ft. Oven

This is probably the best small electric stove for apartments without too much space. The dimensions of this appliance are just 20 x 43.5 x 25.3 inches (Width x Height x Depth), so you will probably be able to fit it in your kitchen. Being small doesn’t mean that this product is lacking anything. On the contrary, buying Danby DER200B means getting a cooktop with 4 elements plus a baking oven!

Features of Danby DER200B

  • 4-element cooktop – Danby DER200B is a small 4 burner electric stove with porcelain cooktop and coil elements. The elements in question have pretty decent power ratings. The two 6-inch burners have 1,250 watts of power, while there are also two 2,100 watt burners with 8 inches in diameter each.
  • Small electric stove oven – The total volume of the oven cavity is 2.4 cubic feet, which admittedly isn’t much, but we’re sure you will be able to find many uses for it.
  • Front controls – We just love that the controls of this range are set up front. This way, you will be able to reach them easily, even if you’ve placed some large pots and pans on the coil burners.


  • Range with a compact size – This is one of the smallest electric ranges available on today’s market.
  • 4 coil burners with decent power ratings – This small electric stove top has a total of 4 burners, which are bound to provide you with some pretty good cooking performances.
  • Oven – Despite the small size of this range, it still comes with a genuine oven. It’s not too large, but you can use it to make all kinds of small and mid-sized dishes.
  • Easy to use – The controls are pretty straightforward and a great thing about them is that they’re placed up front. 
  • Affordable price – This product is actually super-cheap, considering that you’re getting not only a stovetop but an oven as well.


  • Coil burners – Our preference are smoothtops, not cooktops with coil burners. They’re just much easier to clean and are usually better at heat conducting.

​True Induction TI-4B Cooktop

A 2-Element Induction Cooktop Stove

Here’s a small electric cooktop that you can place anywhere in your kitchen. Its height is only 2.5 inches so you can place it on top of the countertop. Apart from having a rather compact size, this product is also very lightweight, which makes it portable. On top of everything, it’s also very good in terms of cooking performances. 

Features of True Induction TI-4B Cooktop

  • Induction technology – This cooktop uses induction technology, which in turn, makes it much faster at generating heat. This means that you can bring water to boil in less than two minutes using one of the two radiant elements. Actually, according to the manufacturer, this stove can bring one cup of water to boil in just 70 seconds.
  • Two 10-inch burners – The radiant elements are pretty large, considering that this is a rather small cooktop.


  • Fast & powerful – The cooktop is great at conducting heat, so you can use it to cook meals really fast.
  • Compact size – Thanks to the fact that its height is only 2.5”, you will be able to place it on the countertop or on top of the oven, or actually, anywhere you like!
  • Reasonable price – Considering how awesome this product is, we’re surprised that its price isn’t much, much higher.


  • One-size burners – Each burner is 10 inches in diameter; we think it would be better if they had different sizes. 

​NutriChef PKSTIND24

Affordable Induction Cooker with a Single Burner

The final product we’re gonna discuss in our small electric stove reviews is an induction cooker made by NutriChef. It’s a very reliable portable stove, with pretty impressive performances. On top of everything, this product is also very cheap. So, you definitely need to give it a closer look!

Features of NutriChef PKSTIND24 Cooker 

  • 10 power levels – You can adjust the temperature of and the power level of the burner using the digital control panel. The maximum temperature it can achieve is 460 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Child Safety Lock – This product is packed with useful features, one of which definitely is Child Safety Lock.
  • Built-in cooling system – The problem of overheating is tackled through the use of an integrated fan system.


  • Very easy to use – The control panel allows you to choose from a variety of different cooking modes and options.
  • Very compact and lightweight – Thanks to its size and weight, you can put this cooker anywhere you want. You can even carry it with you on camping trips and whatnot.
  • Very affordable – For the price of less than a hundred dollars, you get a superb induction cooker.


  • None – It’s really impossible to find anything bad about this one-burner cooker. 


There you have it, our 3 small electric stove reviews! Choose one of these and you won’t get disappointed. If you want a small range with an oven, go with Danby DER200B. If you want a double-burner cooktop, your choice should be TI-4B. But, if you want a really small cooker, NutriChef PKSTIND24 is your best match!

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