Slide in vs drop in ranges – this has been a dilemma of those who want their kitchen to look real nice. Both styles are meant to make the range fit-in well with the other kitchen elements such as the countertop.

Before we go deeper into discussing pros and cons of each range style, there’s one thing we feel we need to point out. Whether it’s slide in or drop in is not the most important thing about a range. It needs to have amazing specs in order to deserve a place in your kitchen, as well as to come with many useful features.

Otherwise, it will only look nice, but you’ll be disappointed with its cooking performances. So, make sure to find a good range, whether it’s a slide in or drop in!

Slide in Ranges Explained

Example of Slide In Design

A slide in range will look as it were built-in together with the other kitchen elements. But, you won’t have to do any cabinetry work. How’s this possible, you may wonder. Well, the thing about slide in ranges is that they have a wider top, which overlaps the kitchen elements placed next to it, establishing a smooth transition between the surfaces. 

Obviously, this is an ingenious design, which can make your entire kitchen look awesome. The bad news is that it’s rarely the case that the kitchen elements match the slide in range perfectly. They need to have approximately the same dimensions (particularly the height and depth) in order to create the impression of a built-in range. 

The biggest problem here is that there aren’t many slide in range models available out there, so finding one with perfect dimensions for your kitchen is probably going to be very difficult. Most of the ranges with the slide in design have the width of approximately 30 inches, with their height and depth being about 40 and 30 inches, respectively.

So, if your kitchen elements match, you can choose from some really awesome slide in ranges like GE JS645SLSS or Frigidaire FGIS3065PF for example.

Drop In Ranges

Example od Drop In design

The best way to ensure that a range will look flawless in your kitchen is to get a drop in range. What this means is that you will have to do some mounting work and make a couple of adjustments in order to make this type of oven fit-in between other kitchen elements perfectly. But, once you’re finished, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with its appearance.

Actually, drop in ranges almost always look better in the kitchen than any other range style. The only issue is that they’re not cheap, plus you will have to pay a professional to get it installed. 

Slide in vs Drop in Ranges: Final Verdict

Slide in vs drop in ranges – which design is better? There’s no doubt that drop in ranges look better when installed, but this doesn’t mean that a slide in range would ruin the harmony of your kitchen. On the contrary, it would actually look pretty decent. So, why bother with installation of a drop in range? After all, a range is more about performances, not the looks.  

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