You may be a real cooking enthusiast, but there’s one thing about it that you probably hate. We’re talking about cleaning up afterwards. In order to clean the oven of a standard electric range, you would need to spend as much as a whole hour rubbing and spraying the cavity. And you would still struggle to make it spotless. The worst thing is that the ovens are usually placed at the bottom of the range, so in order to clean it, you would need to get down on your knees. 

All of this has made the manufacturers consider the ways of making the cleaning task much easier for the users. And that’s how self cleaning electric ranges came into existence. These ranges can clean the oven on their own and they can do it much more thoroughly than you would. 

However, simply having an electric range self cleaning oven doesn’t mean that the range is worth buying. Apart from being able to clean itself, it also needs to have many other useful features. This makes the job of finding the best self cleaning range pretty difficult. But, worry not, cause we’re here to help you! 

You don’t have to waste hours in researching the specs and features of self cleaning ranges in order to find one that’s good enough for your kitchen. You can find the best one quickly by going through the following self cleaning electric range reviews!

​Kenmore 94173

One of the Best Ranges with Self-Clean Feature

The self-clean feature is just the icing on the cake, as this electric range is superb for many other reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Features of Kenmore 94173 

  • Self-cleaning oven – You can choose from three different self-cleaning cycles: two, three, or four hours long. 
  • Scratch-free ceramic cooktop – The smoothtop is very easy to clean and you got nothing to worry that you’d damage it as it’s resistant to scratches.
  • Multitask burners – There are four burners of different power ratings and different sizes, one of which is a double-burner.


  • Automatic oven cleaning – The oven can clean itself thoroughly in as little as two hours.
  • Large oven capacity – With the total oven volume being 5.3 cubic feet, this oven is suitable for even large holiday meals.
  • Affordable price – This is one of the cheapest 30 inch electric ranges in Kenmore’s offer.
  • Free delivery – The delivery of this range is included in the price.


  • Back controls – The controls are positioned above the backsplash guard, so you may struggle to reach them if there are some pots on the cooktop.


24 Inch Range with Front Cooktop Controls

Here’s a 24 inch self cleaning electric range made by General Electric that’s bound to serve you well for a long time. Because it’s made by such a reputable brand, you can expect this range to work fine for many, many years. And during that time, it’s gonna provide you with amazing cooking performances!

Features of GE JA624RNSS

  • Self-cleaning oven – You just need to press the right button and the oven will start cleaning itself.
  • Stainless steel – This is the reason why the body of this range is very easy to clean. The fact that the design is stainless steel means that it’s smudge-proof.
  • Front cooktop controls – The controls used for turning the burners on and off are placed up front. The control panel with various useful options (like the self-clean feature) is positioned above the back-guard.


  • Compact size – The range is 24 inches wide, so you will probably be able to fit it in your kitchen.
  • Easy to clean – Not only is there a self-clean feature, but the body of the range is resistant to stains and smudging.
  • Convenient controls – The placement of the controls is such that they’re very easy to reach.


  • Pricey – Not the cheapest 24 inch range.


Although there are many electric ranges that can clean themselves, not many of them are actually good at it. If you want one that will do a really great job cleaning its oven, then picking one of those we discussed in our self cleaning electric range reviews is the right thing to do!

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