If you are shopping for an electric range, getting one that’s manufactured by LG would definitely be a good choice. Why? Because this South Korean corporation is famous across the globe for the high quality of its products. This means that if you buy an LG electric range now, you won’t need to get another kitchen stove ever again!

Electric stoves made by LG are famously durable, with their expected lifetime being measured in decades, not years. These ranges very rarely break and even when they do, the problems are usually very easy to fix. Moreover, if a problem happens during the warranty period, the manufacturer will fix it free of charge.

If you’re still not convinced that LG electric ranges are worthy of your attention, you should also know that the latest models come with all kinds of features that will make your job in the kitchen much easier. If you buy an LG electric range, you won’t have to worry about setting the right temperature, keeping track of the cooking time, or even cleaning the oven – the stove will do all the work for you!

Of course, this is only true if you choose a really good LG stove. But, finding it might not be that easy, considering the fact that there are many different models in LG’s offer. To help you out, we’ve decided to present you with a couple of the best LG electric range reviews. We’re sure that after reading them, you will be able to make the right choice.


Easy-to-Use Electric Range Suitable for all Kinds of Cooking Tasks

The first of our LG electric range reviews is the one that deals with LG LDE4415ST, a 30-inch stainless steel range. The chances are that you’re gonna fall in love with this product the moment you see it. It really does look nice, but its performances and features are what make it stand out from the crowd.

Features of LG LDE4415ST

  • Smoothtop – The cooktop of this electric range is flat and has five heat elements, two of which are actually 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 burners whose dimensions you can alter.
  • Fast-boil element – One of the elements on the cooktop has the power of 3,200 watts which makes it able to bring water to boil in about a minute.
  • LG double oven – This range has two ovens, each of which can be used independently. But, if you want to cook a large meal, you can make a big 7.3 cu. ft. oven out of these two.
  • Infrared Heating System – This technology ensures that the meals you bake/grill are thoroughly cooked as quickly as possible. In fact, thanks to this system, the oven can cut down on your cooking time by as much as 22 percent.
  • LG ProBake Convection – There is a fan at the back of the oven which circles the hot air across the center, where your meal is. This way, it’s guaranteed that the dish will be cooked evenly.
  • LG EasyClean – There’s no more need for wasting your time and nerves trying to clean the oven manually. With this electric range, your cleaning job consists only of spraying the oven with water and pressing the button titled LG EasyClean.


  • Ideal for literally any cooking task – You can use it to boil, grill, bake, and do many other cooking tasks quickly and easily.
  • Very easy to use – Actually, this electric range does the most of the work for you. It keeps track of time and temperature, and even cleans its oven on its own.
  • No need for preheating – This range is so fast when it comes to achieving high temperatures that there really is no need for preheating the oven when you’re planning to bake or roast something.


  • Pricey – If LG LDE4415ST were just a little bit less pricey, it would be the very best electric stove to come out of LG’s factories ever!


High-Performance Single-Oven Electric Range at a Reasonable Price

If you thought you’d need to spend a small fortune in order to buy a good electric range, you were wrong. Here’s one LG electric range with a price tag that will put a smile on your face. But, don’t let the affordable price fool you – this product has as many amazing features as much pricier ranges.

Features of LG LRE3061BD

  • Smudge-proof surface – No one can argue that the stainless steel finish of this range makes it look amazing, but the thing that really makes it stand out is the fact that it’s smudge-resistant.
  • Smooth LG electric cooktop – There are five heat elements on the smoothtop, one of which is a 2-in-1 burner.
  • 3,200 watts dual burner – The 2-in-1 element has the power of 3,200 watts, meaning that it can bring water to boil extremely fast.
  • Large convection oven – The volume of the oven is 6.3 cubic feet, which means that you will be able to fit in almost any kind of dish. Furthermore, the oven has a convection fan at the back, which circles the air around, ensuring that the meal is evenly cooked.
  • Blue-lit oven – Here’s a feature that might not be important when it comes to the taste of the food you’re preparing, but when it comes to the elegance of your entire kitchen, it really is important. The blue oven interior lights will give your kitchen the touch of elegance it needs.
  • LG EasyClean – Almost every electric stove that’s made by LG in the last couple of years comes with the trademarked LG EasyClean feature. It allows you to sit back and relax, while it’s taking care of the oven cleaning job. The best thing is that it takes only 20 minutes for the oven to get cleaned on its own.


  • Fast cooking – This electric range has powerful burners on the stovetop that can bring water to boil in a matter of minutes. On top of that, its oven takes only a few minutes to heat from the room temperature to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Very easy to use – This range comes with all kinds of option that can make your job in the kitchen much easier. There’s timer, temperature controller, and so on.
  • Very easy to clean – The surface of this range is smudge-proof, so you will just need to wipe it with a wet cloth in order to clean it. Furthermore, the oven is also very easy to clean. All you got to do is spray some water inside and turn on the LG EasyClean function.   
  • Reasonable price – For the price of less than a thousand dollars, you will get a professional-grade electric range packed with useful features.


  • Control placement – The controls of this range are placed above the backsplash feature, meaning that the distance between the control buttons and the front of the range is more than 28 inches.


Top-Quality Electric Range with Slide-in Design

The last product we’re gonna deal with in our LG electric range reviews is LG LSE4611ST, a slide-in range that’s bound to look nice in your kitchen. It’s guaranteed that this range will go well with other kitchen elements as its design makes it look as it were built in. Apart from looking nice, this electric range is also great because of its features.

Features of LG LSE4611ST

  • Front control – The controls are set up-front, so you can access them easily. Now that we’re on the subject of controls, we feel we need to mention that this range enables you to choose the right temperature, time of cooking, oven cooking mode, and so on.
  • Flat LG electric cooktop – The smoothtop has five heat elements with different power ratings. The most powerful burner has a total of 3,200 watts, meaning that it can bring water to boil in a jiffy.
  • Large convection oven – The volume of the oven is 6.3 cu. ft. and it has a convection fan at the back, the purpose of which is to circulate the hot air across the entire oven, thus cooking the dish evenly.
  • LG EasyClean – Same as the previous two ranges we reviewed, this one too can clean itself.


  • Very convenient to use – The controls are placed at the front, so you can reach them easily even when there are many pots and pans on the cooktop.
  • Fast heating – The burners on the cooktop are very powerful and can heat-up in a matter of seconds.
  • Big oven – The oven has plenty of space for you to fit in some really large meals.
  • Slide-in design – One you place it in your kitchen, the range will look as it were built-in together with other kitchen elements.


  • Price – Not the cheapest electric range in LG’s offer.


Now that you’ve read our LG electric range reviews you probably realize how great these products are. All of the ranges in LG’s collection are sturdy, durable, and full of super-useful features. Still, the three we reviewed in this article stand out even further. Buy one of these LG electric ranges and you won’t have to think about getting another one every again!

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