The main reason why many people prefer gas ranges to those that run on electricity is the fact that they’re much faster to heat up. But, if you can’t have gas in your kitchen, you should know that some electric ranges can heat up equally fast.

In order to find one such product, you need to understand the difference between traditional electric ranges and those that use the induction technology in order to make the burners hot. So, let’s discuss both of these types!

How Regular Electric Cooktops Work?

Regular electric ranges feature either a smooth top cooktop or the one with lift-up coil burners. Both types use burners that heat-up and send the heat upward, toward the cookware. The only difference is that the smoothtops have a flat ceramic panel on top of the coil burners, which prevents any possible heat wasting. In turn, smoothtop elements are much faster to heat-up than coil burners. But, even they can’t compare with induction cooktop elements.

The Science behind Induction Cooktops

These types of ranges have metal coils beneath the flat cooking surface, which makes them very similar in design to regular smoothtops. However, rather than making the coils hot, they use alternating current in order to create a magnetic field that creates heat when in contact with metal cookware. 

This way, an induction cooktop won’t produce any heat until you put a metal pot or pan on top of it. And once you put the cookware there, the electric current will turn it into a heater of its own, which, in turn, will extremely speed up the cooking process.   

Induction vs Electric Range - Pros & Cons of Each Type

Obviously, induction cooktops have much, much better cooking performances than the regular ones. Actually, some of these ranges can bring water to boil much faster than gas range. Unfortunately, this comes at a price. At a high price. The cost of getting an induction range is really high. Usually, they’re at least several hundred dollars more expensive than regular electric ranges.

Of course, there’s always an exception. Kenmore Elite 95073, for example, is a reasonably-priced induction range with four fast-boil cooking areas on the smoothtop, as well as one element designed for keeping the food warm until the mealtime.

And what about regular electric ranges? Are there some models that can compare to induction ranges? Sure they are! Ranges like Samsung NE59J7850WG or Kenmore Elite 97313 can definitely compete with most of the induction ranges on today’s market.

Final Piece of Advice

Regular smoothtop ranges might not have such powerful heating elements on the cooktop, but some of these ranges may come with some other important features. You mustn’t forget that a range is not just about its cooktop; it also has to have a good oven! 

And it also needs to come with all kinds of features that will make cooking fun and easy for you. So, make sure to check all the specs and features of a range before deciding to buy it!

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