A great thing about smooth cooktops is that they’re very easy to clean. There aren’t any coils you need to find your way through – water stains and food burn marks are right in front of you. Yours is just to make them vanish.

But, how are you supposed to do that? It’s a common opinion that glass cooktops should be cleaned with the same stuff used for cleaning windows. The problem is that cleaners that contain ammonia can make some damage to the fine glass surface. Furthermore, they probably won’t get the job done too well. 

So, how to clean smooth top range without risking damaging it? Using natural cleaners like white vinegar or buying a specially-formulated glass cooktop cleaner is the thing to do. 

Here’s a list of things you’ll need to clean your range’s smoothtop:

  • Damp cloth
  • White vinegar/surface cleaner
  • Baking soda
  • Towel
  • Razor blade

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning the Glass Cooktop 

Step 1 

The first thing you ought to do is wait for all the radiant elements to cool down. Then spray the smooth top with either a surface cleaner or regular white vinegar and just wipe the glass with a damp cloth. Our advice is to give vinegar a try and if it fails to remove the grease, you can move on to using a surface cleaner. 

Step 2 

The next step is to cover the entire cooktop surface with baking soda. Why baking soda? Because of its alkaline properties, which make it react with things like burnt food. On top of that, its mild abrasiveness will help with scrubbing the stains off the cooking surface without damaging it.

Step 3

Now it’s time to cover the entire cooktop with a wet towel. Reason? It will soak up the baking soda, as well as the grit and grime that was stuck on the surface of the smoothtop. Leaving it there for 15-20 minutes should be enough.

Step 4

And then it’s time to take the towel and use it as a scrub. Scrub until baking soda has completely disappeared from the surface of the smoothtop. Hopefully, stains and grease left by cooking will disappear as well. 

Step 5 

But, if the stains don’t vanish, there’s one more thing you can try. Desperate times call for desperate measures, which is why our advice is to take a sharp razor and use it to scrape off the crud. 

It’s needless to say that you ought to be super-careful while handling a razor as it can leave some scratches on the surface. Tiny, but nevertheless, visible scratches. And how to clean smooth top electric stove with a razor without a risk of cutting your fingers? By using a razor holder!

Step 6

The final thing to do after cleaning the glass cooktop is to wipe it with a damp cloth, which will give it a kind of showroom shine!

Final Word of Advice

If after trying all this, you’re still unable to find the answer to the question of how to clean flat surface electric stove thoroughly, the only remaining solution is to get yourself a cleaner that’s specially designed for that purpose. We’re talking about products like Weiman Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish, which is an absolute users’ favorite!

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