Looking to buy an electric range? You can get one right away if you go to a store nearby which sells these kinds of appliances. But, you’ll probably get ripped off! Furthermore, you’re likely to end up buying a range with mediocre performances that’s gonna work fine for only a few years before start breaking often.

If you want to get yourself a truly awesome electric range, you will need to do some research. Luckily, we are here to help you out. Our website is a great source of information for everything related to electric ranges and other home appliances. So, feel free to go through our site and you’ll find some very useful articles discussing some of the best ranges available on the market today.

Surely it’s wise to browse through our reviews and read our range recommendations, but at the end, you are the one who needs to make the final decision. What’s the best range for your kitchen is something that heavily depends on your needs and preferences. 

In order to make the right choice, there are some bases you need to cover, starting with measuring how much space there is in your kitchen for an electric range.

Size Matters

Simply being able to fit inside your kitchen isn’t enough. The range also needs to have a large cooktop and a big enough oven for you to be able to use it for large holiday meals. 

  • Dimensions of the cooktop – The bigger the cooktop, the more burners it will feature. And that means you will be able to cook several dishes at once. Standard size is 30 inches, usually with a total of five burners.
  • Oven size – If you’re planning to cook big dishes like Thanksgiving turkey, your range needs to have a spacious oven. Our advice is not to go with anything less than 5 cubic feet.

Range Design

No, we’re not talking about how pleasing on the eye the range is, although that’s also an important factor. We’re now talking about how easy it will fit-in your kitchen. 

  • FreestandingThese ranges require no mounting work; you can place them anywhere you like in the kitchen. 
  • Slide in – If you go with a freestanding design, there will be some room left between the range and the kitchen cabinets next to it. Butt, if you buy a slide in range, it will look as it were built-in together with other kitchen elements. 
  • Drop in – These ranges require professional installation, so you got to count that into your expenses. But, once the installation is done, the range will look very nice and be very convenient to use. 

Features & Performances

Determining which range features you need is essential if you want to make the right choice. 

  • Cooktop type – You need to decide whether you want an old-fashioned coil burner cooktop, a smoothtop, or one with induction elements. 
  • Oven type – Some ovens feature convection fans, purpose of which is to ensure dishes are evenly cooked. Furthermore, you also need to think whether a double-oven would make your job in the kitchen easier.
  • Self-clean and other features – The more features like self-clean a range have, the better. Such features can make cooking much more fun and easy. 

Electric Range Brands

The easiest way to predict whether a range will work fine for a long time is by checking who’s made it. If the range is manufactured by a brand famous for the quality and durability of its products, then buying it would be a wise decision.

Some of the brands that make the best electric ranges include the following:

You also need to check how long the warranty is. The longer the better is the rule here, but most manufacturers don’t give more than one year. If a range comes with a longer warranty period, then it’s definitely worth looking into it. 

Final Word of Advice

A thing to remember when shopping for an electric range is that you’re buying an appliance that should serve you well for years or even decades. So, paying a little bit more for a quality product really shouldn’t be an issue. 

Our advice is to buy the very best electric range currently on sale, even if that means paying a few hundred bucks more than you had planned.

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