Founded a century ago, Frigidaire is one of the most reputable American companies. Back in the day, this company used to deal with fridges, freezers, and other household appliances that produce frigid air, hence the name Frigidaire. Over the years, as the popularity of the company grew bigger, Frigidaire started manufacturing other many types of appliances.

Electric range production particularly proved to be successful. Even today, Frigidaire is one of the leading manufacturers of electric ranges in America. At this point, you’re probably wondering about the things that make Frigidaire electric ranges superior to others.

Well, first of all, every Frigidaire electric range is made of top-quality materials and designed with care. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for Frigidaire ranges to work fine decades after they were manufactured. But, being sturdy and durable doesn’t mean these ranges are expensive. On the contrary, you can find some really affordable ranges in Frigidaire’s offer. 

The final reason why Frigidaire is a leader in the production of electric ranges is that this company is always open to new things. This is why each new model they release comes with all kinds of improvements. All of the current Frigidaire ranges feature high-tech features such as digital control, cooking timer, and so on.

Finding the Best Frigidaire Electric Range   

Frigidaire is a brand with high reputation which they’re not willing to risk by creating a poor-quality product. That said, you can be sure that whichever Frigidaire electric range you decide to buy, you won’t make a bad decision.

Still, some models of electric ranges do stand out from the rest. We’re now gonna show you some of those!

​Frigidaire FGEF4085TS

Large Electric Range with All Kinds of Advanced Functions

This is a Frigidaire 40 inch electric range with a large oven and a big cooktop that has a total of five heating elements. Because of its size and performances, this product can be considered a Frigidaire professional electric range.

Features of Frigidaire FGEF4085TS

  • Five heating elements – The cooktop is flat and has five heating elements, one of which has adjustable diameter. In fact, that element is called SpaceWise® triple element and allows you to pick from three sizes – 6, 9, or 12 inches.
  • Bridge element – Two circular heating elements on the left are connected with a bridge element, which can come very useful when you need to heat large pots or griddles.
  • Convection oven – There’s a fan inside the oven which pushes the hot air toward the meal you’re preparing so that it will get cooked evenly.
  • Effortless™ Temperature Probe – There’s no more need for guesswork. Just place the temperature probe inside the meal you’re cooking and you’ll know when it’s done.
  • Keep Warm feature – You can set the range to keep the dish warm until it’s mealtime.


  • Very easy to use – This range has plenty of features that make cooking fun and easy. Some of those include the Keep Warm feature, Sabbath Mode, delayed start, temperature probe, self-cleaner, and so on.
  • Large oven – With 6.4 cubic feet of oven space, you will be able to cook many meals at once.
  • Large cooktop – There are five heating elements on the cooktop, one of which is the SpaceWise® triple element.


  • Dimensions – This range might be too large for some kitchen, with its dimensions being 40" x 26-1/16" x 49" (Width x Depth x Height).
  • Pricey – Not cheap, but then again, you can’t put a price on quality.

​Frigidaire FGIS3065PF

A Slide-In Range Using Induction Technology

This Frigidaire electric stove has the size and design which will make it fit in your kitchen perfectly. Actually, thanks to the fact that this is a slide-in range, you can be sure it will look very nice wherever you put it. But, it’s not just the looks that make this range stand out. It’s also great for its features.

Features of Frigidaire FGIS3065PF

  • Induction technology – The main reason why some people choose gas ranges over electric ones is that they can heat-up faster. But, that’s not the case with this Frigidaire electric range, which uses the induction technology that ensures super-fast boiling. In fact, this stove can bring water to boil in about two minutes!
  • Fast preheat – Not only can its cooktop elements heat-up fast, but the same goes for the oven as well. You can preheat it in only a couple of minutes.
  • Oven convection technology – There’s a convection fan inside the oven which pushes the hot air towards the center, making sure the meal gets cooked evenly.
  • Steam cleaning – You can set the range to automatically steam-clean the oven for 20 minutes.


  • Fast cooking – Induction technology makes this range very fast at cooking. Not only are its cooktop elements fast to heat-up, but the same is the case with the oven.
  • Superb design – It looks great, while its slide-in design ensures the range will fit-in your kitchen flawlessly.


  • Price – It’s not too expensive, but if it were just a little bit cheaper, this would be one of the best electric ranges on the market.

​Frigidaire FPEH3077RF

Professional-Grade Electric Range Packed with Useful Features

Frigidaire did a really good job making this electric range as user-friendly as possible. It’s full of features that will make your job extremely easy.

Features of Frigidaire FPEH3077RF

  • Flat cooktop with five burners – There are five heating elements on the smoothtop, one of which has size that can be adjusted. There’s also the SpacePro™ Bridge Element that connects two circular elements.
  • Convection technology – This technology ensures that the dishes you’re making are equally cooked from all sides.
  • Temperature probe – Using the temperature probe, you will know exactly when your meal is done.
  • Dual timers – This range has timers both for the oven and the cooktop elements.
  • Keep Warm feature – There’s a feature that will keep your cooked meals warm until the mealtime without overcooking them.


  • Very easy to use – This electric range has all sorts of features that will make your job much easier and much more fun. If you haven’t been a big cooking enthusiast, this range will make you become one!
  • Large oven & large cooktop – The oven is big enough for making large meals like a whole roast chicken, while the cooktop has five heating elements of different sizes.
  • Front-facing control – Another reason why this range is easy to use is that its controls are set up-front, so you can easily reach them.


  • No backsplash protection – Because of this, there’s a risk that small items can fall behind the range.

Frigidaire FFEF3054TW

Affordable Electric Range with All Kinds of Useful Features

If you don’t want to spend too much money but still want to get yourself a top-quality Frigidaire electric range, then this one is your perfect choice.

Features of Frigidaire FFEF3054TW

  • 5-Element cooktop – This Frigidaire electric cooktop has five heating elements of different sizes, one of which can be adjusted. Furthermore, there’s one extra-large heating element with the diameter of 12 inches.
  • Quick Boil element – The 3000 Watt heating element can bring water to boil in a matter of seconds.
  • Keep Warm feature – Already cooked meals can be kept warm until the mealtime with the help of this feature.
  • Timed Cook Option – You can set the range to start cooking the meal at a specific time. This way, it can be ready the moment you come back from the work.


  • Packed with useful features – This range has so many useful options that will take care of all the boring work for you.
  • 5 heating elements – The heating elements have different sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your pots and kettles.
  • Large Frigidaire electric oven – The oven has enough space for cooking several meals at once.
  • Affordable price – Who said that you need to spend several thousand dollars in order to get a good electric range for your kitchen? You can get an easy-to-use, high-performance range that’s made by a reputable American manufacturer for less than a grand!


  • Backsplash control – The only issue we have with this product is that the controls are not that easy to reach, especially if there are some pots and pans on the cooktop.


Such a big company like Frigidaire has achieved its reputation by manufacturing quality appliances for many, many years. This means that the chance that you will end up with a bad electric stove are close to zero. We assure you that whichever Frigidaire electric range you buy, it will impress you with its performances.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’re saying that you should buy one without checking its specs first. You need to take closer look at the product you’re thinking to buy in order to see whether it’s really that good for you.

But, you surely don’t want to check the specs of every single electric range that has ever come out of Frigidaire’s factories. To save your time, it’s best to focus on the electric stoves we reviewed earlier. Choose one of those and we guarantee you will be satisfied with the choice!

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