Most of the electric ranges available on today’s market can be separated into two categories – freestanding and slide in ranges. At this point, you’re probably interested in learning which type is better. 

Both types of ranges come in different shapes and sizes, as well as with different specs and features. Furthermore, in many cases, the same electric range model can come in two version – slide in and freestanding. So, which one should you go with? To make the right decision, first you need to properly understand how these two range designs differ.   

So, how do Slide in and Freestanding Ranges Differ?

If you’re wondering what is the difference between free standing range and slide in, it’s all about how they look in the kitchen. The freestanding version is a standard and there is much bigger number of this type of ranges available on the market than their slide in counterparts. However, it seems that a huge number of buyers is interested in slide in ranges. The reason is simple – they can look really nice in the kitchen!

Slide-in electric ranges:

  • Designed to fit-in between two cabinets – These ranges are made to give an impression that they were built-in with kitchen cabinets. Yet there’s not cabinetry work required! Instead, you just need to slide them in between two kitchen cabinets and voila, your job is done! Their secret is that they’re wider at top so they overlap the two surrounding kitchen elements, meaning that there’s no space between the range and the cabinets next to it. 
  • Front cooktop controls – In most cases, slide in ranges come with burner controls that are placed up front. This makes them much more convenient, as you will be able to access the knobs even when there are some large pots on the cooktop. You wouldn’t be able to do that if the controls were further away.

Freestanding electric ranges:

  • Designed to fit anywhere – Thanks to their design, you will be able to place a freestanding range anywhere in your kitchen. Unlike slide in ranges, these don’t require you to pay too much attention on the measurements. You need to find a slide in range of ideal height and width for it to fit-in perfectly. But, with freestanding ranges, you got nothing to worry about that. They won’t look built-in anyway, so you can just place them wherever is the most convenient.
  • Backguard controls – Unlike slide in ranges which almost exclusively feature front controls, a big percentage of freestanding ranges has controls placed at the back, that is, just above the backguard.

Perhaps the best way to figure out the difference between these two range styles is by taking a look at some examples. 

Frigidaire FGIS3065PF is a great example of a quality slide-in electric range. Its performances are amazing and it’s full of useful features. When it comes to the looks, you can be sure it’s gonna look fantastic in your kitchen once you slide it in between two kitchen cabinets. Of course, under the condition that the cabinets are of approximately the same height and depth as the range (30" W x 28-5/16" D).

And what about a good freestanding range? Well, there are lots of them out there! Some models that come to mind include Kenmore 02294209, Samsung NE59J7850WG, GE JB655SKSS, and so on.

Slide In vs Free Standing Range - Pros & Cons

A thing about freestanding ranges is that their number is much greater than of slide in ranges. What this means is that if you’re looking for a specific range feature (like double oven, for example) you’re likely to find it in a freestanding range.

Apart from having a variety of different models to choose from, deciding on a freestanding range also means that you probably won’t spend too much money. The fact is that you can find some really high-performance ranges for less than a thousand dollars. Kenmore 02294199 is a great example of an affordable electric range with superb specs and features. That’s not the case with slide-in ranges, most of which cost well over a thousand dollars. 

However, when it comes to the design, there’s no doubt that slide-in ranges look better once installed. Furthermore, there’s a practical advantage to having this kind of range in your kitchen. Food and kitchen utensils can’t drop and get stuck between the range and kitchen cabinets. And because the there’s a smooth transition between the stovetop and cabinet surfaces, you can slide the cookware round.  

Another advantage is that these ranges usually come with front controls. Actually, if you go to Amazon and take a look at the offer of slide in electric ranges, you will see that each one of them has controls placed up front!

Additional Tips

The cooking performance of a range is what matters the most, not its design. So, whether you wanna buy a slide in or freestanding range, you need to make sure it’s gonna do a good job in the kitchen! You need to take a look at its specs to see its power ratings, as well as pay attention to many of its features. For example, when it comes the cooktop, our advice is to look for one that has at least five radiant elements as this will give you more cooking options. 

Generally speaking, in the slide in stove vs freestanding range cooktop clash, there’s no clear winner. Both types of ranges come with different kinds of cooktops, although slide in ranges usually do provide more versatility. 

For instance, many of them come with double or triple-burners, bridge elements, and so on. And who wins when it comes to slide in oven vs freestanding range oven? Again, it all depends on the model, but the experience has shown that freestanding ranges tend to come with bigger ovens. 

So, what’s the final verdict in the end? Freestanding vs slide in range – which one should you pick! Well, it’s up for you to decide based on your preferences, your kitchen design, and of course, your budget.

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