Why would you want to get a stainless steel electric stove for your kitchen? Because they look nice, dah! On top of that, they’re very easy to clean. The clue is in the name – “stainless” means that you can forget about smudging.

Apart from looking nice, these ranges can also provide you with some really impressive cooking performances

But, for that, you need to focus only on the best stainless steel electric stoves. Such ranges are powerful, easy to use, and come with all kinds of features that will make cooking fun and easy for you. So, how can you find one?

With our help, easily! 

Reviews of The Top 5 Models

To spare you the trouble of going through the vast offer of stainless steel ranges, we’ve decided to do the work for you. We were able to find 5 products that deserve to be called the best. Pick one of these and you won’t make a bad choice!


Users’ Favorite Double-Oven Range

This stainless steel electric range double oven lets you multitask in the kitchen without too much effort. Not only does it have a double-oven, but it also has an awesome cooktop with different radiant elements.

Features of GE PB960SJSS

  • Double-oven – This range has two ovens which can be used independently at different temperatures. 
  • Black smoothtop – There are five radiant elements on the cooktop, with different sizes and power ratings. For example, there’s an element designed for keeping the food warm. There’s also a fast boiling element, as well as two burners with adjustable diameters. And there’s even a bridge element that connects two round burners, creating an extra-large element suitable for large cookware.
  • One-touch controls – This range has digital controls, so in order to turn it on, you basically only need to press a button. 


  • Smoothtop ideal for multitasking – You can use any kind of cookware on the smoothtop as it has burners of different sizes and different wattage.
  • Double-oven – You can cook two different dishes at the same time using the dual oven.
  • Intuitive controls – Using this range is very easy as its digital controls are very simple. The only issue we have with them is that they’re not placed up front.


  • Control panel placement – The controls are placed on top of the back-guard, meaning that it’s not very easy to reach them over the cooktop.


Affordable Electric Range with Awesome Specs

This GE stainless steel electric stove comes at a very reasonable price. But, the fact that it’s cheap doesn’t mean that it’s cheaply made. Same as any other product made by General Electric, this range is also very sturdy and durable. On top of everything, it comes with some really impressive features!

Features of GE JB655SKSS

  • 5-element cooktop – There are five elements of different power ratings. The most powerful burner packs 3,100 watts and can bring water to boil in less than two minutes. 
  • Convection oven – The oven features a fan at the back, which has the purpose to ensure dishes are evenly baked.
  • Self-clean – This range comes with a number of useful features, one of which is the self-clean feature.


  • Cooktop versatility – With two double-burners and three other radiant elements at your disposal, you will be able to cook several dishes at once on the cooktop. 
  • Large oven – The total capacity of the oven is 5.3 cubic feet.
  • Affordable price – GE JB655SKSS is one of the cheapest items on our list of best stainless steel electric stoves.


  • Backsplash controls – If you put large pots on the cooktop, you will find it difficult to reach the backsplash control panel.

​Kenmore 94173

Durable Range with Many Useful Functions

Here’s one Kenmore stainless steel electric stove that’s packed with features that will make cooking easy for you. Let’s take a look at some of those features!

Features of Kenmore 94173

  • 4-burner cooktop – There are four elements on the black smoothtop, one of which is a double-burner.
  • 5.3 cubic feet oven – The oven is large enough for cooking big holiday meals.
  • Self-clean feature – The range will take care of the job of cleaning the oven for you. Yours is just to press the right button.
  • Keep Warm oven feature – If you’re not hungry when the dish is done, you can keep it warm until the mealtime by using the feature called Keep Warm.


  • Very cheap – This is the most affordable range you’ll find on our list. 
  • Free delivery and hookup – If you live within the boundaries of the US, Kenmore won’t charge you delivery and hookup for this range.
  • Versatile cooktop elements – There is a total of four elements on the cooktop, which isn’t much, but one of them is a double-burner. The largest of the four elements has the power of 2,700 watts and can make water boil in only a few minutes.
  • Large oven – With 5.3 cubic feet of volume, this oven is large enough for a big holiday dish to fit in. 


  • Back controls – Again, the controls are at the back, which we think isn’t too convenient.

​Frigidaire FGIS3065PF

Slide-In Range with a Variety of Useful Features

If you’ve been looking for a stainless steel electric range slide-in design, you’ve found one. This Frigidaire stainless steel electric stove might be exactly what you need. The reasons why it might be perfect for your kitchen are numerous, starting from the fact that it’s gonna look lovely there with its stainless steel body and black cooktop. When it comes to the performances of this range, it’s best if you took a quick look at its features!

Features of Frigidaire FGIS3065PF

  • Induction cooking technology – This range uses induction technology which makes its burners heat up really fast. In fact, these radiant elements can bring water to a boil in just over a minute.
  • True convection oven – The oven doesn’t need preheating as it can reach 425 degrees Fahrenheit in just a couple of minutes. On top of that, there’s a convection fan at the back, which circulates the hot air across the dish you’re baking, so that it gets done evenly.
  • Front controls – The controls are placed up front and allow you to choose from a wide range of different modes and options.
  • Oven temperature probe – This is just one of many useful features of this range. The purpose of this one is to determine the exact temperature inside the oven, so that your dishes won’t get under or overcooked.


  • Induction cooking – Heating up the burners is something that’s done real fast. On top of that, thanks to this technology, only the cookware is heated, not the cooktop. So, cleaning it is easy!
  • Fast-heating oven – The oven can preheat super-fast, meaning that the dishes will get ready in no time.
  • Many useful features – We’ve already mentioned that the range comes with a temperature probe, but that’s just one of many of its useful features.
  • Front controls – The fact that they’re placed up front means that you will be able to reach them always.


  • Oven size – The 4.6 oven may not be large enough for cooking big dishes like Thanksgiving turkey for example. 

​Samsung NE59J7850WG

Double-Oven Range that Makes Multitasking Super-Easy

The final product on our list of best stainless steel electric stoves is Samsung NE59J7850WG, a range designed to do all the difficult tasks for you. 

Features of Samsung NE59J7850WG

  • 5-element cooktop – One element is a triple-burner that allows you to pick its size from 6, 9, or 12 inches. There’s also a Keep Warm element on the cooktop, as well as two round burners that can be connected through the use of a bridge element with a single press of a button.
  • Double-oven – This is a trademarked FlexDuo double-oven, which has two compartments that can be used either independent or as one large oven. If the latter is your choice, you’ll get 5.9 cubic feet of oven space at your disposal.


  • Versatile cooktop – The stainless steel electric stove top has five burners, one of which has adjustable size. There’s also a bridge element, Keep Warm burner, and so on.
  • FlexDuo oven – This design of the oven means that you basically get to choose from three different oven sizes.
  • 5.9 cu. ft. oven cavity – If you use the two compartments as one large oven, you will be able to put it all kinds of large dishes inside. 


  • Backsplash controls – The control panel is positioned right above the back-guard, so reaching it might not be that convenient.


If you’ve set your eye on a stainless steel electric oven, we say go for it! But only if its specs and features are superb. If you want to be sure that your range is going to provide you with all you need in the kitchen, then the best thing to do is buy one of the products from our list of best stainless steel electric ranges! We guarantee that if you pick one of these five ranges, you will have no complaints about its performances.

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