When you’re shopping for a new electric range, you want its performances to be top-class. But, for many people, that’s not enough. The ideal range needs to make cooking easy but also to look really nice in the kitchen. If you’re one of those people, we got some good news for you – buying a slide in electric range is exactly what you need to do.  

The reason why we believe a range with a slide in design would be perfect for you is that these ranges are made to achieve seamless look in any kitchen. Basically, they are wider on the top so that they overlap the countertop (or some other kitchen element), thus giving an impression that they were built-in. But, unlike built-in ranges, these don’t require any installation work – you just need to slide in your electric range and you’re good to go!

Now that you understand all the advantages of getting a range of this design, it’s time to learn how to find the very best slide in electric range. Well, you don’t need to be an expert to realize what kind of features a good slide in range needs to have. Obviously, it needs to have impressive cooking performances, as well as many features that will make cooking easier for you. On top of everything, it needs to be quality built in order to serve you well for many years.

So, how are you supposed to find such product? Well, the easiest way is by going through our electric slide in ranges reviews!

Best Slide in Electric Ranges to Buy in 2019

If you do a Google search for a term like “best slide in electric range 2019”, you will notice that many manufacturers are claiming that their products deserve that title. But, can you trust them on face value? Well, you don’t need to. Instead, you can read some slide in electric range reviews and make your buying decision based on that.

In order to help you out, we’ve decided to present you with a couple of slide in electric ranges comparisons, in which we deal with the products we think are the best. Of course, the final decision is up to you, but if you pick one of these ranges, we are sure you won’t get disappointed!

​GE Profile PS960BLTS

Black Stainless Steel Range with a 5-Element Smoothtop

The moment you see this slide in electric range, you’re gonna fall in love with it. With its black stainless steel design, it’s gonna look fabulous in your kitchen. But, of course, looks aren’t everything. This range is here for another reason – its features are simply superb!

Features of GE Profile PS960BLTS


  • 5-element smoothtop – There are five elements on the flat cooktop, two of which have adjustable sizes. One is a triple-burner (6, 9, 12 inches) and the other one lets you choose from two diameters (5 and 8 inches). There’s also a bridge heater that connects the two burners on the left side, creating a large element that can be used for long cookware items like griddles.
  • Double-oven – You can choose from three different sizes of the oven, as there are two compartments that can be used either on their own or together. When used together, the total volume of the oven cavity is 6.6 cubic feet.
  • Front controls – Because the control panel is placed in the front, reaching it is very easy. Speaking of controls, we need to mention that they offer you all kinds of modes and options that will make cooking fun and easy.


  • Nice design – The famous Latin phrase “de gustibus non est disputandum” (tastes should not be discussed) does not work in the case of GE Profile PS960BLTS! Why? Because everyone seems to love the design of this electric range!
  • Superb cooktop – The cooktop of this range gives a whole new meaning to the word multitasking. With 5 different burners, you will be able to make several meals at once, using all kinds of cookware.
  • Large double-oven – The oven too gives you an opportunity to multitask. As there are two compartments in this double oven electric range slide in range, you can make two or more different dishes at once. The best thing is that when you need to make a large dish, you can use those two ovens as one.


  • Price – Not the cheapest slide in range on the market.

​Samsung Appliance NE58K9430SS

Nice-Looking Range with Plenty of Useful Functions

Here’s another slide in range that looks really nice. This time, the color is stainless steel and once again we believe you’re gonna love it. Apart from looking nice, the range is also pretty impressive in terms of performances. It can help you make some really amazing home cooked meals without wasting your time and your nerves.

Features of Samsung Appliance NE58K9430SS

  • 5-element flat cooktop – There are five burners on the smoothtop, two of which are double-burners. The most powerful element has the power of 3,000 watts, which makes it ideal for fast boiling. In fact, it can bring water to boil in about a minute.
  • Single oven – With the volume of 5.8 cubic feet, the oven is large enough for you to fit in even big dishes like a turkey roast for example.
  • Intuitive controls – Most slide in ranges have controls up-front and the same is the case with this one. Speaking of controls, they will provide you with all kinds of useful features that will make your job easy. For example, you can set the range to keep track of the temperature, turn off after certain period of time, and even clean itself.


  • Beautiful design – Samsung designers have done a really good job with this range, which is guaranteed to look lovely in your kitchen.
  • Really awesome cooktop – With five burners of different sizes and power ratings, you will surely be able to match them with all of your cookware items.
  • Easy to use – The range is super-easy to use, with the control panel up-front. It’s also very easy to clean, thanks to the self-clean feature. Actually, you got nothing to do apart from pressing the right button.


  • Single-oven – Although it’s not a big deal, it would definitely be better if this range had a double-oven.


True Leader When it comes to Fast Cooking

One of the main reasons why some people prefer gas ranges to their electric counterparts is that they’re usually faster when it comes to heating-up. However, that’s not the case with LG LSSE3026ST, a range that will show you what fast cooking really means

Features of LG LSSE3026ST

  • Black ceramic glass smoothtop – There are five radiant elements on the stovetop, one of which is a triple element and one a double element. The double element is the one placed on the front left and is the most powerful burner of this range, with the power of 3,200 watts. This burner can bring water to boil really fast; we’re not talking minutes, but seconds!
  • ProBake Convection oven – The 6.3 cubic feet oven has a fan at the back that circulates the hot air, thus making sure every dish is cooked evenly. But, even that is not the best thing about this oven. The thing that really makes it stand out is the fact that it uses LG’s patented Infrared Heating technology that cuts down the cooking time by as much as 22 percent.
  • Keep Warm compartment & cooktop warming zone – There’s a small compartment just below the oven where you can put your dishes to keep them warm until the mealtime. There’s also a 100-watt burner on the cooktop which you can use for basically the same purpose.


  • Awesome cooktop – Not only can you choose from different burner sizes, but some of these burners are really powerful. 
  • Fast-cooking oven – The oven can heat-up incredibly quickly, much faster than most other electric ovens. 
  • A number of useful features – This range does all the hard work for you. For instance, it can clean the oven on its own in about 10 minutes.


  • Single-oven – It’s a shame that this range doesn’t feature a double-oven, but on the bright side, the oven’s volume is 6.3 cubic feet!


There you have it, our top picks for the best slide in electric range you can buy in 2019. Mind you, these ranges are not only among the best when it comes to those with a slide in design. They’re cream of the crop of all ranges on the current market. 

So, which of these three ranges is better than the other two? We honestly can’t make up our minds. You will have to decide on your own. But, one thing is certain, if you pick one of these three, you will not make a bad


These ranges are made by reputable brands, have all kinds of useful features, and their cooking performances are sublime. So, you can simply choose one based on their looks. Whichever looks best to you, feel free to buy it! 

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