Let’s start this article by answering the question of what is a downdraft range! Unlike traditional ranges that have hoods that suck smoke and odors upwards, a downdraft electric range has a ventilation system that pushes them downwards.

In the past, people used to choose downdraft versions only when there was no possibility of installing a regular hood that would take the fumes outside through a chimney. But, as the technology moved forward, ranges with downdraft ventilation became really good at dealing with unpleasant cooking smells and dangerous fumes. These days, you can find some really good downdraft ranges that are equally good at ventilating air as ranges with large hoods.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how to find the best electric cooktop with downdraft. Luckily for you, you’re at the right place! We’re now going to present you some downdraft electric range reviews which deal with products that will make the smoke and fumes disappear!

Our Downdraft Electric Cooktop Reviews

Here are a couple of electric cooktops that use the downdraft ventilation system in order to get rid of cooking smells. Buying one of these means that your kitchen will smell lovely. Of course, apart from bring great in terms of ventilation, these cooktops are also great when it comes to their cooking performances.

Frigidaire RC30DE60PB

4-Element Smooth Top Cooktop with a 500 CFM Downdraft Exhaust in the Middle

If you’re looking for an electric stove with down draft which is powerful enough to get rid of all the cooking fumes and aromas, you’re at the right place. Frigidaire RC30DE60PB might be exactly what you need!

Features of Frigidaire RC30DE60PB

  • Four radiant elements – There’s a total of four burners, one of which is a double-burner whose diameter you can change. There’s also a bridge element that connects the two burners on the left.
  • Pro-Select Controls – Controls are placed on the right side of the cooktop and are pretty straightforward as there’s a switch for each of the burners.
  • 500 CFM downdraft exhaust – This cooktop features a 500 CFM exhaust that can get rid of all the unpleasant smells created by cooking.


  • Adjustable burners – The cooktop gives you a cooking versatility as you can choose from four different elements, one of which is a double-burner. 
  • Easy to control – The controls are very simple which makes this stovetop very easy to use.
  • Powerful exhaust – The downdraft exhaust has the power to deal with 500 cubic feet of air per one minute.


  • Pricey – Not the cheapest downdraft cooktop you can find.


Downdraft Electric Stovetop with Powerful Burners

Everything about this cooktop seems decent, starting with its cooking performances. It has four burners with decent power ratings, with a down draft exhaust in the middle. 

Features of GE PP9830DJBB  

  • 4-element cooktop – There are two radiant elements on each side of the exhaust. One of the elements is a double-burner, with the maximum power of 3,000 watts.
  • Downdraft exhaust – The exhaust can deal with as much as 300 cubic feet of air per minute.
  • Central controls – The controls are placed in the center of the cooktop, just in front of the downdraft exhaust.


  • Superb cooktop – The cooktop features four powerful elements. One of those is a double-burner, while there’s also a bridge element on the left side.
  • Easy to control – The controls are pretty straightforward and another great thing about them is that they’re placed in the center.


  • Not cheap – If its price was a little lower, it would be one of the best downdraft stovetops on the market.
  • Not too powerful exhaust – 300 CFM is not bad, but the first item in our downdraft electric cooktop reviews has a more powerful exhaust.

Frigidaire RC36DE60PB

Downdraft Cooktop with Awesome Radiant Elements

There are so many great things about this product, but the one that first caught our eye is the fact that it has amazing burners. Not only are they powerful, but two of them have adjustable size.

Features of Frigidaire RC36DE60PB

  • Four cooktop elements – The element in the front-right is a triple-burner, while the one in the back-left corner is a double-burner. 
  • Central exhaust – The downdraft exhaust is placed in the center and thanks to the fact that it has the rating of 500 CFM, it can get rid of all the smokes and fumes created by cooking.


  • Multitasking cooktop – The fact that this cooktop has a double and a triple burner means that you will be able to use it to cook all kinds of dishes. On top of everything, its most powerful burner has the power rating of 3,200 watts, meaning that it can bring water to a boil in minutes.
  • Powerful downdraft exhaust – With 500 CFM, this exhaust will be able to remove all the unpleasant aromas away from your kitchen. 
  • Right-side controls – The switch buttons are placed on the right side, so reaching them is easy. Plus, they’re pretty simple, so there’s no chance you’d get confused.
  • Reasonable price – Considering how great this downdraft electric cooker is, we really believe its price is quite reasonable.


  • None – We can’t find a single bad thing about this product. It has our most honest recommendation!


We are certain that after reading our downdraft electric cooktop reviews, you will be able to pick one that’s best for your needs and preferences. If you pick one of these, you won’t be disappointed, as they all provide similar performances. Each of them is also very easy to use, not to mention that they’re sturdily built and very durable.

Even the price of these cooktops is reasonable, especially considering how amazing features they come with. Of course, you need to know that simply buying one such product isn’t the end of your expenses. You will also need to pay for professional installation, as downdraft cooktops aren’t easy to install. 

But, don’t let this discourage your from buying such a cooktop. Getting it is definitely a wise decision as it’s gonna make cooking fun and easy for you. And don’t forget also that these kinds of cooktops really look nice in the kitchen!

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