If there’s enough space in your kitchen, we see no reason not to get yourself a 40 inch electric stove. These ranges have wider cooktops, usually with more radiating elements than regular stoves. On top of that, they also come with really large ovens. So, if you have a big family and you need to make a lot of dishes every day, getting this kind of a range is the right choice. 

But, which model should you get? Should you buy a GA, Frigidaire, or a Kenmore 40 inch electric range? 

Also, what kind of features should it come with? Is getting a 40 inch double oven electric range your perfect choice? You can find answers to all of these questions by reading the 40 inch electric range reviews on our site!

To spare you the trouble of searching for the best 40 inch electric range, we’ve decided to do the hard work for you. The truth is that there aren’t many ranges available on the market which have width that’s exactly 40 inches.

It’s even more difficult to find a 40 inch range that has the specs worthy of your attention.

But, after doing a thorough research we’ve managed to find one product that matches all the criteria necessary for it to carry the title of the best 40 inch electric range. So, here is our review of that product!

​Frigidaire FGEF4085TS Gallery Series 40

Powerful Electric Range with 5 cooktop Elements & Large 6.4 cu. ft. Oven

This is a 40 inch freestanding electric range that’s bound to be your humble servant in the kitchen for years and years. It’s made by a reputable American brand that’s famous for durability of its products. Frigidaire electric ranges have lifetimes that are measured in decades, not years. Apart from being sturdy and durable, this range is awesome for many other reasons. So, let’s discuss some of them!

Features of Frigidaire FGEF4085TS Gallery Series 40

  • 5-element smooth cooktop – The radiant elements have different power ratings, the weakest being the one with only 100 watts. The reason why this is the case is that the element is meant to be used for keeping the food warm until the mealtime. The other four elements have much higher power ratings, the most powerful being the 3,000 watts burner.
  • Triple-burner & Heat Bridge – One of the cooktop elements is a triple-burner, which means that you can choose from three sizes of its diameter. There’s also a bridge element that connects the two circular burners on the left side, thus creating an element that’s extra-long. 
  • 6.4 cubic feet oven – The oven is huge, so you will have no problems fitting in large holiday meals such as Thanksgiving turkey. 
  • Convection fan – There’s a fan at the back of the oven with the purpose of circulating the hot air across the dish that is being cooked. This way, the dish will get cooked evenly on all sides.
  • Self-cleaning oven – For most people, cleaning the oven is one of the worst kitchen tasks. If you’re one of them, we got some good news for you! Frigidaire FGEF4085TS Gallery Series 40 will take care of that job on its own. You just need to press the right button and the range will clean the oven. If you press the Quick Self-clean button, the range will get the job done in 2 hours.
  • Front cooktop controls – The switches used for turning the cooktop elements on and off are set up front. This is very convenient as you won’t have any problems reaching them. When it comes to the control panel used for things like oven temperature monitor, cooking timer, and so on, it’s placed right above the back-guard.


  • Large cooktop – The cooktop of this Frigidaire 40 inch electric range has five pretty large radiant elements. There are two 6-inch elements, two 7-inch elements, and one triple-burner with the maximum diameter of 12 inches.
  • Powerful burners – The most powerful burner has the power of 3,000 watts, meaning that it can bring water to boil really quickly. 
  • Large convection oven – There aren’t many kitchen ranges that have such a big oven as this one.
  • Convenient controls – The fact that the cooktop controls are placed up front means that you will be able to reach them without any problems even if there are some large pots and pans on the burners. 
  • Self-cleaning oven – The oven can clean itself thoroughly in just two hours.


  • Pricey – We understand that this isn’t a budget range, but its features definitely justify its a-bit-higher price.
  • Single oven – It would be much better if this range featured a double-oven, with one small compartment for fast-baking. This way, even if you want to cook a small dish, you will have to use the 6.4 cu. ft. oven.

Other Wide Ranges that Deserve a Closer Look

As mentioned earlier, there aren’t many 40 inch electric ranges on the market, especially not those with features that you would find useful. However, we managed to find a number of top-quality ranges that have the width that’s either a bit wider or a bit narrower than 40 inches. 

Here are some of those electric ranges:


There you have it, our review of what we believe is the very best 40 inch electric range on the market. It has all the features you may wish for, which is why we heartily recommend it to everyone. Sure, its price isn’t low, but, at least you know what you’re paying for. Buying this range means that you won’t have to think about getting another one in years or even decades. 

And if you’re not too strict on the width of your range, you may also consider getting yourself one that’s either a few inches wider or few inches narrower than Frigidaire FGEF4085TS Gallery Series 40. We guarantee that if you pick one of those from our list, you won’t feel sorry!

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