Even though many people don’t think about it, the size of the electric range is almost as equally important factor as its cooking performance. The standard width is 30 inches and there are literally thousands of different 30 inch electric stoves you can choose from. 

But, 30 inches might be too small for your large family. On the other hand, 40 inches may be just too wide to fit in your kitchen. If that’s the case, then a 36 inch range would be the perfect choice!

Finding the best electric range with the width of 36 inches can’t be easy for you, especially if you’re not too familiar with these types of products. But, you got us to guide you through! In order to save your time, we’ve decided to provide you with reviews of only the best 36 inch electric ranges on today’s market. So, here they are!

​Verona VEFSEE365SS

Professional-Grade 36” Electric Range with 5-Burner Ceramic Glass Cooktop

Made in Italy, this is a product with a 36 inch electric range freestanding design, which has a stainless steel body and a cooktop that’s black. All of this will make Verona VEFSEE365SS look really nice in your kitchen. But, apart from looking lovely, this range is also impressive when it comes to its cooking performances. 

Features of Verona VEFSEE365SS

  • 5-element cooktop – The smoothtop is pretty big with five radiant elements, one of which is a double burner. 
  • Convection oven – There’s a fan at the back of the 4 cu. ft. oven, the role of which is to push the hot air across the dish you’re cooking. 
  • Mechanical front controls – The control panel is placed up in the front and the switches are pretty straightforward, so there’s no chance you’ll get confused.


  • Large cooktop – All of the burners are pretty large and very powerful, so you’ll be able to cook your meals quickly.
  • Easy to use – The controls are conveniently placed in the front, so reaching them won’t be a problem.
  • Nice design – Although this isn’t a range with a 36 inch electric range slide in design, but a freestanding one, it will still look very nice in your kitchen.


  • Oven size – Sure, 4 cubic feet is pretty spacious, but if you’re planning to use this range professionally that won’t be enough.

​Verona VCLFSEE36R

Classic Series Eye-Pleasing Design, Amazing Performances

Here’s another range made by Verona, a manufacturer famous for the eye-pleasing design of its products. If you though the first product in our 36 inch electric range reviews looked nice, you’re gonna fall in love with Verona VCLFSEE36R, a gloss-red freestanding range. When it comes to the features, it’s pretty similar to the range we reviewed previously, but let’s still take a look at them!

Features of Verona VCLFSEE36R Classic Series

  • 5-burner cooktop – The cooktop is smooth and has five radiant elements, one of which is a double-burner.
  • Convection oven – The volume of the oven is 4 cubic feet and at the back of the cavity is a convection fan that ensures that all dishes are cooked evenly. 
  • Front controls – The controls are up front, offering you all kinds of cooking modes and options.


  • Amazing design – Verona’s designers have really done a terrific job with this range, making it very pleasing to the eye.
  • Different burners to choose from – The radiant elements on the cooktop are of different sizes and of different power ratings (1,200 – 2,100 watts).
  • Convenient control panel placement – Because it’s up front, you will have no problems reaching it even if there are some big pots on the cooktop. 


  • Price – Not the cheapest electric range on the market.
  • Small oven – The oven capacity is 4 cubic feet, which isn’t a lot.

​Verona Classic VCLFSEE365DSS

Double-Oven 36 Inch Range  

The main reason why Verona Classic VCLFSEE365DSS is on our list is that this is a 36 inch electric range with double oven. But, that’s not the only reason. It also has a superb cooktop that provides a variety of cooking options. Finally, the range also looks really nice and is very sturdily built.

Features of Verona Classic VCLFSEE365DSS

  • Double oven – There are two ovens which can be used independently when you need to cook two (or more) different dishes at the same time. 
  • 5-element smoothtop – The cooktop features five radiant elements, one of which is a double-burner.


  • Two ovens – The fact that there are two ovens is definitely an advantage, although their capacity isn’t too impressive (2.4 cu. ft. and 1.5 cu. ft.)
  • Smooth cooktop – There are five burners in total, two of which are 1,200 watt elements and two which are 1,700 watt burners. There’s also a double-burner with 700/2,100 watt power rating.


  • Not cheap – The price is a bit on the higher end, but considering the specs of this range, we think it’s justified.

Southbend SE36A-TTB

A Heavy-Duty Electric Range with a Griddle

If you’re looking for an electric range that you would use for professional purposes, getting a 36 inch electric range with griddle would be the right choice. Southbend SE36D-TTB is probably the best range with a 36 inch electric stove top that features a griddle and two burners.

Features of Southbend SE36D-TTB

  • Griddle & two burners – The cooktop gives you all kinds of cooking opportunities, thanks to the fact that it features a large thermostatic griddle (24 inches wide) and two round hot plates.
  • Convection oven – Because there’s a fan that circulates the hot air inside the oven, it’s guaranteed that the dish you’re making will get cooked evenly.
  • Front controls – The griddle and hot plate controls are at the top of the front of the range, while the oven controls are right next to the oven. 


  • 24-inch griddle – The griddle is large and powerful, which makes this range suitable for professional use.
  • Easy to use – Thanks to the fact that the controls are wisely positioned, you will be able to reach them easily whenever you want.


  • Not cheap – This is the most expensive range on our list, but considering that it’s meant for professional use, it’s bound to pay off!


Considering that 36” ranges are usually more expensive than regular-sized ranges, it’s wise to take some time to research them before purchasing one. But, if you don’t want to waste your precious time on doing a research on your own, you can just pick one from our 36 inch electric range reviews. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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